[python] programming a servo thru a barometer

i have a script which gets the air pressure from a website. and i wrote this function

which says if the pressure gets different value if it rains or sunny weather or else

now i have a servo which should change the angle depending on each value. Well i now that my servo goes from 0 to 360 degree. But how can I correspond my 360 Degree values to the air pressure value.

def barometer(wert):   if wert <= 1000:      print 'ES REGNET BALD'    if wert >1000 and wert <=1040:     print 'WETTER VERAENDERLICH'    if wert >1040 and wert < 1060:     print barometer(wert) or " " 

Lets say

if air pressure value = 1000:
vector value = 10 #in Degrees

Should i go to a list?

Or is there a easier solution.

thanks for help


This question is related to python

The answer is

You could define a mapping of air pressure to servo angle, for example:

def calc_angle(pressure, min_p=1000, max_p=1200):     return 360 * ((pressure - min_p) / float(max_p - min_p))  angle = calc_angle(pressure) 

This will linearly convert pressure values between min_p and max_p to angles between 0 and 360 (you could include min_a and max_a to constrain the angle, too).

To pick a data structure, I wouldn't use a list but you could look up values in a dictionary:

d = {1000:0, 1001: 1.8, ...}  angle = d[pressure] 

but this would be rather time-consuming to type out!