How to concat string + i?


for i=1:N
   f(i) = 'f'+i;

gives an error in MatLab. What's the correct syntax to initialize an array with N strings of the pattern fi?

It seems like even this is not working:

for i=1:4
  f(i) = 'f';

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~ Asked on 2011-12-07 17:57:23

The Best Answer is


You can concatenate strings using strcat. If you plan on concatenating numbers as strings, you must first use num2str to convert the numbers to strings.

Also, strings can't be stored in a vector or matrix, so f must be defined as a cell array, and must be indexed using { and } (instead of normal round brackets).

f = cell(N, 1);
for i=1:N
   f{i} = strcat('f', num2str(i));

~ Answered on 2011-12-07 18:02:09


For versions prior to R2014a...

One easy non-loop approach would be to use genvarname to create a cell array of strings:

>> N = 5;
>> f = genvarname(repmat({'f'}, 1, N), 'f')

f = 

    'f1'    'f2'    'f3'    'f4'    'f5'

For newer versions...

The function genvarname has been deprecated, so matlab.lang.makeUniqueStrings can be used instead in the following way to get the same output:

>> N = 5;
>> f = strrep(matlab.lang.makeUniqueStrings(repmat({'f'}, 1, N), 'f'), '_', '')

 f =
   1×5 cell array

     'f1'    'f2'    'f3'    'f4'    'f5'

~ Answered on 2011-12-07 18:07:49

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