[javascript] How to show SVG file on React Native?

I want to show svg files (I have bunch of svg images) but the thing I couldn't find the way to show. I tried to use Image and Use components of react-native-svg but they don't work with that. And I tried to do that with native way but it's really hard work to show just svg image.

Example code:

import Svg, {
} from 'react-native-svg';

  <Svg width="80" height="80">
     <Image href={require('./svg/1f604.svg')} />

Also I know the react native doesn't support svg basically but I think someone fixed this problem with tricky way (with/without react-native-svg)

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The answer is

I used the following solution:

  1. Convert .svg image to JSX with https://svg2jsx.herokuapp.com/
  2. Convert the JSX to react-native-svg component with https://svgr.now.sh/ (check the "React Native checkbox)

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