IE11 meta element Breaks SVG

The Solution to IE11 meta element Breaks SVG is

It sounds as though you're not in a modern document mode. Internet Explorer 11 shows the SVG just fine when you're in Standards Mode. Make sure that if you have an x-ua-compatible meta tag, you have it set to Edge, rather than an earlier mode.

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">

You can determine your document mode by opening up your F12 Developer Tools and checking either the document mode dropdown (seen at top-right, currently "Edge") or the emulation tab:

enter image description here

If you do not have an x-ua-compatible meta tag (or header), be sure to use a doctype that will put the document into Standards mode, such as <!DOCTYPE html>.

enter image description here

~ Answered on 2014-12-15 22:51:41

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