[html] How to extract svg as file from web page

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I want to save SVG as file from this page https://www.lightningdesignsystem.com/icons/ Is there any Chrome extension or other way to do this?

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The answer is

When the SVG is integrated as <svg ...></svg> markup directly into the HTML page.

  1. Right click on the SVG to inspect it in developer tools
  2. Find the root of the <svg> element and right click to "Copy element"
  3. Go to https://jakearchibald.github.io/svgomg/ and "Paste markup"
  4. Download your optimized SVG file and enjoy

Here's a three step solution:

  1. Copy the SVG code snippet, and paste it into a new HTML page.
  2. Save the HTML page as (for example) "logo.html", and then open that HTML page in Chrome hitting > File > Print > "Save as pdf"
  3. This PDF can now be opened in Illustrator - extracting the vector element.

You can copy the HTML svg tag from the website, then paste the code on a new html file and rename the extension to svg. It worked for me. Hope it helps you.

They are all logged under Elements in google chromes developer tools.


<svg><path xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" d="M18.6 6.8l-4.3-2.2a.8.8 0 0 0-.6 0l-4 2-4.1-2a.7.7 0 0 0-. 0 0 0-.3.6v10.8a.7.7 0 0 0 .4.6l4.3 2.1a.8.8 0 0 0 .6 0l4-2 4 2a.6.6 0 0 0 . 0 0 0 .4-.1.7.7 0 0 0 .4-.6V7.4a.7.7 0 0 0-.4-.6zm-1.1 1.4v5.7a.4.4 0 0 1-.6.4c-1.2-.4-.3-2.3-1.1-3.3-.7-.9-1.7 0-2.6-1.4-.9-1.4.3-2.5 1.4-3a.5.5 0 0 1 .4 0l2.2 1.1a.5.5 0 0 1 .3.5zm-6.1 8.3a.5.5 0 0 1-.5-.1 1.6 1.6 0 0 1-.6-1.1c0-.7-1.2-.4-1.2-1.9 0-1.2-1.3-1.5-2.5-1.3a.5.5 0 0 1-.5-.5V7.2a.4.4 0 0 1 .6-.4l2.6 1.3a.1.1 0 0 1 .1 0l.1.1c1.1.6.8 1.1.4 1.9-.5.9-.7 0-1.4-.3s-1.5.3- 0 1.2 1.9.8 1.7-.3 2.2.2a1.5 1.5 0 0 1 0 2.2c-.4.4-.6 1.3-.8 1.9a.5.5 0 0 1-.2.3z"/></svg>

Based on a web search, I just found a Chrome plugin called SVG Export.

For me its very easy just install following tool in chrome server :


Once you're on a web page, click the extension's icon next to the URL bar and a new tab will open showing you all the SVG files it found on the page. You can copy an SVG file to your clipboard, download only the few you need, or click the 'Download all SVGs' button to add them all to a zipped file and download them.

For detail check here

Hope it will helpful.

You can download individual ones from their site like @mayerdesign has stated or you can click on the download link on the left and you can download the whole pack.


On chrome when are in the SVG URL, you can do CTRL+S or CMD+S and it automatically propose you to save the page as an .SVG try it out : https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/90/Benjamin_Franklin-10_Dollar_Bill_Portrait-Vector.svg

When you're on a page that doesn't let you reach the SVG via its own URL (e.g. an inline SVG), you can print the page and select PDF as the target output. Once the PDF has been saved, you can open it in an image editor that supports vector (e.g. Adobe Illustrator), select only the vector art you want, and cut and paste it into a new file in the image editor.

I just tried it on another website, in firefox. After trying to save the webpage, it gave me a save-file-as dropdown menu with an option called webpage, svg only.

I don't know if this already been answered correctly or not. Well. Downloading the file from the source is not the resolution. How to grab *.svg from URL.

I installed 'svg-grabber' add-on to Google Chrome. That only partially resolve my problem, as Google Chrome does not have the shortcut to 'Back' one page.

I was trying to download the files from URL, but I kept getting an error, that there are no svg files on this page when I can see 40 of them. You can click on them, so they will open, but you cannot save it.

The folder within WordPress: .../static/img/icons/

I added 'Go Back With Backspace' add-on to Chrome, as I had to click on each file separately, as if they are white icons (that I am currently looking for), you will not see them. You have to click on the file. Then back. It was taking too long. Now is fine. There is a soft to download specific folder, but I do not want to download half of the internet, to just have get a white .

When you click on a white icon, a new tab opens, but it is all white. Then you click on svg-grabber icon in Chrome and it will open it in a new window on a black background with a button download all svg.

1. Inspect the page with the svg on.

2. Click on the link that displays the imagine in full resolution.


4. You are done!

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