Git error: src refspec master does not match any error: failed to push some refs


I am trying to add a file to my repository on BitBucket and I am having trouble.

I am using GIT and this is what I type in

$ cd lis4368/assignments
$ git remote
$ git remote -v
$ git remote rm origin

and then I type this in (this is what BitBucket tells me to enter)

$ git remote add origin https://[email protected]/cpb09e/cpb09e.git
$ git push -u origin master

And I keep getting this error message:

error: src refspec master does not match any.
error: failed to push some refs to 'https://[email protected]/cpb09e/cpb09e.git'

Can someone pleas help me out? I have tried everything from git commit to rm -rf * and I cannot get anything to work at all.

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~ Asked on 2012-09-17 01:01:34

The Best Answer is


One classic root cause for this message is:

  • when the repo has been initialized (git init lis4368/assignments),
  • but no commit has ever been made

Ie, if you don't have added and committed at least once, there won't be a local master branch to push to.

Try first to create a commit:

  • either by adding (git add .) then git commit -m "first commit"
    (assuming you have the right files in place to add to the index)
  • or by create a first empty commit: git commit --allow-empty -m "Initial empty commit"

And then try git push -u origin master again.

See "Why do I need to explicitly push a new branch?" for more.

~ Answered on 2012-10-09 06:07:43


It doesn't recognize that you have a master branch, but I found a way to get around it. I found out that there's nothing special about a master branch, you can just create another branch and call it master branch and that's what I did.

To create a master branch:

git checkout -b master

And you can work off of that.

~ Answered on 2013-06-05 05:23:30

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