How do I read a large csv file with pandas?

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The error shows that the machine does not have enough memory to read the entire CSV into a DataFrame at one time. Assuming you do not need the entire dataset in memory all at one time, one way to avoid the problem would be to process the CSV in chunks (by specifying the chunksize parameter):

chunksize = 10 ** 6
for chunk in pd.read_csv(filename, chunksize=chunksize):

The chunksize parameter specifies the number of rows per chunk. (The last chunk may contain fewer than chunksize rows, of course.)

pandas >= 1.2

read_csv with chunksize returns a context manager, to be used like so:

chunksize = 10 ** 6
with pd.read_csv(filename, chunksize=chunksize) as reader:
    for chunk in reader:

See GH38225

~ Answered on 2014-09-21 17:54:03

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