[php] Redirect to external URL with return in laravel

I am trying to send one time password to a user using SMS INDIA HUB API. For that purpose I need to redirect to a URL format:


If we load this URL, it will return some message. I need to get that message to.

I tried like this

$url = "http://cloud.smsindiahub.in/vendorsms/pushsms.aspx?user=wwww&password=eee&msisdn=9197xxxxx&sid=yyyyy&msg=rrrrr&fl=0&gwid=2";

return Redirect::intended($url);

But it is not directing to that link. It tries to load that URL in localhost.

Or is there any plugin to send sms using SMS INDIA HUB?

Can anyone help??

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The answer is

You should be able to redirect to the url like this

return Redirect::to($url);

You can read about Redirects in the Laravel docs here.

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