[python] What is the maximum float in Python?

I think the maximum integer in python is available by calling sys.maxint.

What is the maximum float or long in Python?

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The answer is

For float have a look at sys.float_info:

>>> import sys
>>> sys.float_info
sys.floatinfo(max=1.7976931348623157e+308, max_exp=1024, max_10_exp=308, min=2.2
250738585072014e-308, min_exp=-1021, min_10_exp=-307, dig=15, mant_dig=53, epsil
on=2.2204460492503131e-16, radix=2, rounds=1)

Specifically, sys.float_info.max:

>>> sys.float_info.max

If that's not big enough, there's always positive infinity:

>>> infinity = float("inf")
>>> infinity
>>> infinity / 10000

The long type has unlimited precision, so I think you're only limited by available memory.

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