[php] Autocomplete syntax for HTML or PHP in Notepad++. Not auto-close, autocompelete

How can I get autocompletion of syntax for HTML or PHP in Notepad++? Not auto-close, I am looking for autocompelete.

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The answer is

Press Ctrl + Space to get a autocomplete hint.

Go to:

Settings -> Preferences You will see a dialog box. There click the Auto-completion tab where you can set the auto complete option.See image below: Follow it

If your code not detected automatically then you choose your coding language form Language menu

In Notepad++ v. 6.4.1 is this possibility in:Settings->Preferences->Auto-Completion and there check Enable auto-completion on each input.

For auto-complete in code press Ctrl + Enter.

If you want extended auto-completion for PHP (not only for the code in the current window or standard classes), try out the "ACCPC" plugin: https://github.com/StanDog/npp-phpautocompletion

Settings->Preferences->Auto-Completion and there check Enable auto-completion on each input. Press Ctrl + Space to get a autocomplete hint. For auto-complete in code type the first letter then press Ctrl + Enter. all the inputs you have given will be listed.

Its supported in notepad++ 5.0+ but not enabled by default. You can enable it from settings -> preferences

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