[javascript] Javascript Regexp dynamic generation from variables?

How to construct two regex patterns into one?

For example I have one long pattern and one smaller, I need to put smaller one in front of long one.

var pattern1 = ':\(|:=\(|:-\(';
var pattern2 = ':\(|:=\(|:-\(|:\(|:=\(|:-\('

This doesn't work. When I'm concatenating strings, all slashes are gone.

This question is related to javascript regex dynamic

The answer is

You have to use RegExp:

str.match(new RegExp(pattern1+'|'+pattern2, 'gi'));

When I'm concatenating strings, all slashes are gone.

If you have a backslash in your pattern to escape a special regex character, (like \(), you have to use two backslashes in the string (because \ is the escape character in a string): new RegExp('\\(') would be the same as /\(/.

So your patterns have to become:

var pattern1 = ':\\(|:=\\(|:-\\(';
var pattern2 = ':\\(|:=\\(|:-\\(|:\\(|:=\\(|:-\\(';

Use the below:

var regEx = new RegExp(pattern1+'|'+pattern2, 'gi');


You have to forgo the regex literal and use the object constructor, where you can pass the regex as a string.

var regex = new RegExp(pattern1+'|'+pattern2, 'gi');

The RegExp constructor creates a regular expression object for matching text with a pattern.

    var pattern1 = ':\\(|:=\\(|:-\\(';
    var pattern2 = ':\\(|:=\\(|:-\\(|:\\(|:=\\(|:-\\(';
    var regex = new RegExp(pattern1 + '|' + pattern2, 'gi');

Above code works perfectly for me...

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