[c++] How to initialize a vector in C++

I want to initialize a vector like we do in case of an array.


int vv[2] = {12, 43};

But when I do it like this,

vector<int> v(2) = {34, 23};


vector<int> v(2);
v = {0, 9};

it gives an error:

expected primary-expression before ‘{’ token


error: expected ‘,’ or ‘;’ before ‘=’ token


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The answer is

With the new C++ standard (may need special flags to be enabled on your compiler) you can simply do:

std::vector<int> v { 34,23 };
// or
// std::vector<int> v = { 34,23 };

Or even:

std::vector<int> v(2);
v = { 34,23 };

On compilers that don't support this feature (initializer lists) yet you can emulate this with an array:

int vv[2] = { 12,43 };
std::vector<int> v(&vv[0], &vv[0]+2);

Or, for the case of assignment to an existing vector:

int vv[2] = { 12,43 };
v.assign(&vv[0], &vv[0]+2);

Like James Kanze suggested, it's more robust to have functions that give you the beginning and end of an array:

template <typename T, size_t N>
T* begin(T(&arr)[N]) { return &arr[0]; }
template <typename T, size_t N>
T* end(T(&arr)[N]) { return &arr[0]+N; }

And then you can do this without having to repeat the size all over:

int vv[] = { 12,43 };
std::vector<int> v(begin(vv), end(vv));

You can also do like this:

template <typename T>
class make_vector {
  typedef make_vector<T> my_type;
  my_type& operator<< (const T& val) {
    return *this;
  operator std::vector<T>() const {
    return data_;
  std::vector<T> data_;

And use it like this:

std::vector<int> v = make_vector<int>() << 1 << 2 << 3;

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