[html] text-align: right; not working for <label>

Simply enough I can't get text to align to right in a <label> element.


<div id="contact_form">
 <label for="name" id="name_label">Name:</label>


#contact_form label {
  text-align: right;

My page: http://freshbeer.lv/development/en/contact.php

You can see labels for name, phone, email etc... are aligned to the left, but I need them to be aligned to the right, so could anyone please suggest something?

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The answer is

Label is an inline element - so, unless a width is defined, its width is exact the same which the letters span. Your div element is a block element so its width is by default 100%.

You will have to place the text-align: right; on the div element in your case, or applying display: block; to your label

Another option is to set a width for each label and then use text-align. The display: block method will not be necessary using this.

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