Can't import my own modules in Python

The Solution to Can't import my own modules in Python is

In your particular case it looks like you're trying to import SomeObject from the and scripts. From, do

import SomeObject

since it is in the same folder. For, do

from ..myapp import SomeObject

However, this will work only if you are importing TestCase from the package. If you want to directly run python, you would have to mess with your path. This can be done within Python:

import sys
from myapp import SomeObject

though that is generally not recommended.

In general, if you want other people to use your Python package, you should use distutils to create a setup script. That way, anyone can install your package easily using a command like python install and it will be available everywhere on their machine. If you're serious about the package, you could even add it to the Python Package Index, PyPI.

~ Answered on 2012-02-21 18:46:03

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