[javascript] How can I loop through enum values for display in radio buttons?

What is the proper way to loop through literals of an enum in TypeScript?

(I am currently using TypeScript 1.8.1.)

I've got the following enum:

export enum MotifIntervention {

export class InterventionDetails implements OnInit
    constructor(private interService: InterventionService)
        let i:number = 0;
        for (let motif in MotifIntervention) {

The result displayed is a list


I do want only four iterations in the loop as there are only four elements in the enum. I don't want to have 0 1 2 and 3 that seem to be index numbers of the enum.

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The answer is

Two options:

for (let item in MotifIntervention) {
    if (isNaN(Number(item))) {


Object.keys(MotifIntervention).filter(key => !isNaN(Number(MotifIntervention[key])));

(code in playground)


String enums look different than regular ones, for example:

enum MyEnum {
    A = "a",
    B = "b",
    C = "c"

Compiles into:

var MyEnum;
(function (MyEnum) {
    MyEnum["A"] = "a";
    MyEnum["B"] = "b";
    MyEnum["C"] = "c";
})(MyEnum || (MyEnum = {}));

Which just gives you this object:

    A: "a",
    B: "b",
    C: "c"

You can get all the keys (["A", "B", "C"]) like this:


And the values (["a", "b", "c"]):

Object.keys(MyEnum).map(key => MyEnum[key])

Or using Object.values():


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