[node.js] What is the "__v" field in Mongoose

I'm using Mongoose version 3 with MongoDB version 2.2. I've noticed a __v field has started appearing in my MongoDB documents. Is it something to do with versioning? How is it used?

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The answer is

For remove in NestJS need to add option to Shema() decorator

@Schema({ versionKey: false })

We can use versionKey: false in Schema definition

'use strict';

const mongoose = require('mongoose');

export class Account extends mongoose.Schema {

    constructor(manager) {

        var trans = {
            tran_date: Date,
            particulars: String,
            debit: Number,
            credit: Number,
            balance: Number

            account_number: Number,
            account_name: String,
            ifsc_code: String,
            password: String,
            currency: String,
            balance: Number,
            beneficiaries: Array,
            transaction: [trans]
        }, {
            versionKey: false // set to false then it wont create in mongodb

        this.pre('remove', function(next) {
                    _id: {
                        $in: this.beneficiaries


Well, I can't see Tony's solution...so I have to handle it myself...

If you don't need version_key, you can just:

var UserSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
    nickname: String,
    reg_time: {type: Date, default: Date.now}
}, {
    versionKey: false // You should be aware of the outcome after set to false

Setting the versionKey to false means the document is no longer versioned.

This is problematic if the document contains an array of subdocuments. One of the subdocuments could be deleted, reducing the size of the array. Later on, another operation could access the subdocument in the array at it's original position.

Since the array is now smaller, it may accidentally access the wrong subdocument in the array.

The versionKey solves this by associating the document with the a versionKey, used by mongoose internally to make sure it accesses the right collection version.

More information can be found at: http://aaronheckmann.blogspot.com/2012/06/mongoose-v3-part-1-versioning.html

It is the version key.It gets updated whenever a new update is made. I personally don't like to disable it .

Read this solution if you want to know more [1]: Mongoose versioning: when is it safe to disable it?

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