[node.js] Querying date field in MongoDB with Mongoose

I'm trying to query documents in MongoDB using findOne(), but it's not working. The field I'm trying to filter by is 'date', and I'm not sure if perhaps it's a special word I shouldn't be using when inserting docs. Is there something I'm missing?

Mongo Docs:

{     "_id" : ObjectId("52c271a5d1344a7a326c0d48"),     "author" : "User",     "title" : "Fourth post",     "body" : "This is the fourth post",     "date" : "1000000" } 


var postSchema = mongoose.Schema({     author:String,     title:String,     body:String,     date:Number,     attachments:Array }),     post = mongoose.model('post', postSchema);  exports.getPost = function(id, callback) {     console.log(id);     post.findOne({date:id}, function(err, item) {         console.log(item);     }); } 

Console: (querying http://localhost:8080/posts/1000000)

1000000 null 

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The answer is

{ "date" : "1000000" } in your Mongo doc seems suspect. Since it's a number, it should be { date : 1000000 }

It's probably a type mismatch. Try post.findOne({date: "1000000"}, callback) and if that works, you have a typing issue.