Removing object from array in Swift 3

The Solution to Removing object from array in Swift 3 is

The Swift equivalent to NSMutableArray's removeObject is:

var array = ["alpha", "beta", "gamma"]

if let index = array.firstIndex(of: "beta") {
    array.remove(at: index)

if the objects are unique. There is no need at all to cast to NSArray and use indexOfObject:

The API index(of: also works but this causes an unnecessary implicit bridge cast to NSArray.

If there are multiple occurrences of the same object use filter. However in cases like data source arrays where an index is associated with a particular object firstIndex(of is preferable because it's faster than filter.


In Swift 4.2+ you can remove one or multiple occurrences of beta with removeAll(where:):

array.removeAll{$0 == "beta"}

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