[ios] Warp \ bend effect on a UIView?

I'm trying to get a similar effect to the one described in the pictures. The white area on the left isn't on the original photo, it pushes the pixels away. I've tried using Core Image (which offered a few close effects to this) but it was too slow for my needs. I need the effect to be snappy so I can make it responsive to touch.

Is there a close effect \ animation in the iOS sdk that does something similar to this with a UIVIew? ( I couldn't find anything close) If not, can someone offer how to attack this using OpenGL? (code examples are more than welcome)

(This effect will take an important roll in an open source class I'm writing so I'd prefer not to use a 3rd party class such as GPUImage if a simpler solution is available (I'm targeting this class to be dependencies free))

enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here

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The answer is

What you show looks like a mesh warp. That would be straightforward using OpenGL, but "straightforward OpenGL" is like straightforward rocket science.

I wrote an iOS app for my company called Face Dancerthat's able to do 60 fps mesh warp animations of video from the built-in camera using OpenGL, but it was a lot of work. (It does funhouse mirror type changes to faces - think "fat booth" live, plus lots of other effects.)