[java] How do I tell Gradle to use specific JDK version?

I can't figure out to get this working.


  • I have an application built with gradle
  • The application uses JavaFX

What I want

  • Use a variable (defined per developer machine) which points to an installation of a JDK which will be used for building the whole application / tests / ...

I thought about having the gradle.properties file, defining the variable. Something like

JAVA_HOME_FOR_MY_PROJECT=<path to my desired JDK>

What I don't want

  • point JAVA_HOME to the desired JDK

I could live with many suggestions:

  • a solution that defines a system environment variable which I'm able to check in my build.gradle script
  • a variable defined in gradle.properties
  • overriding the JAVA_HOME variable only for the build context (something like use JAVA_HOME=<my special JDK path defined somewhere else defined>)
  • something else I didn't think about


  • How to wire a variable (how ever defined, as variable in the gradle.properties, system environment variable, ...) to the build process?

I have more than one JDK7 available and need to point to a special version (minimum JDK_u version).

Any answer is appreciated and I'm thankful for every hint to the right direction.

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The answer is

Two ways

  1. In gradle.properties in the .gradle directory in your HOME_DIRECTORY set org.gradle.java.home=/path_to_jdk_directory


  1. In your build.gradle

     compileJava.options.fork = true
     compileJava.options.forkOptions.executable = '/path_to_javac'

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