[macos] How to remove all subviews of a view in Swift?

I'm looking for a simple method to remove at once all subviews from a superview instead of removing them one by one.

//I'm trying something like this, but is not working
let theSubviews : Array = container_view.subviews
for (view : NSView) in theSubviews {

What I am missing?


My app has a main container_view. I have to add different other views as subviews to container_view in order to provide a sort of navigation.

So, when clicking the button to "open" a particular page, I need to remove allsubviews and add the new one.

UPDATE 2 - A working solution (OS X)

I guess Apple fixed it.

Now it is more easy than ever, just call:

for view in containerView.subviews{

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The answer is

EDIT: (thanks Jeremiah / Rollo)

By far the best way to do this in Swift for iOS is:

view.subviews.forEach({ $0.removeFromSuperview() }) // this gets things done
view.subviews.map({ $0.removeFromSuperview() }) // this returns modified array

^^ These features are fun!

let funTimes = ["Awesome","Crazy","WTF"]
extension String { 
    func readIt() {

funTimes.forEach({ $0.readIt() })


Just do this:

for view in self.view.subviews {

Or if you are looking for a specific class

for view:CustomViewClass! in self.view.subviews {
        if view.isKindOfClass(CustomViewClass) {

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