[c#] ASP.NET - How to write some html in the page? With Response.Write?

I need that some html in the area in the asp.net page that i am coding, is changed according to a string variable. I was thinking about creating a label, and then change the text on it.

But the string variable contains something like:

<h2><p>Notify:</p> alert</h2>

So, I don't feel that give this to a label text is a good idea

How i can do? Using response.write? If I use response.write, my added code will be at the beginning of the html source, how i can tell him to add it in a specific ?

Thank you

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The answer is

If you really don't want to use any server controls, you should put the Response.Write in the place you want the string to be written:

<% Response.Write(stringVariable); %>

A shorthand for this syntax is:

<%= stringVariable %>

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