[c#] How to put attributes via XElement

I have this code:

XElement EcnAdminConf = new XElement("Type",
    new XElement("Connections",
    new XElement("Conn"),
    // Conn.SetAttributeValue("Server", comboBox1.Text);
    // Conn.SetAttributeValue("DataBase", comboBox2.Text))),
    new XElement("UDLFiles")));
    // Conn.

How do I add attributes to Conn? I want to add the attributes I marked as comments, but if I try to set the attributes on Conn after defining EcnAdminConf, they are not visible.

I want to set them somehow so the XML looks like this:

    <Conn ServerName="FAXSERVER\SQLEXPRESS" DataBase="SPM_483000" /> 
    <Conn ServerName="FAXSERVER\SQLEXPRESS" DataBase="SPM_483000" /> 
  <UDLFiles /> 

This question is related to c# xml linq-to-xml

The answer is

Add XAttribute in the constructor of the XElement, like

new XElement("Conn", new XAttribute("Server", comboBox1.Text));

You can also add multiple attributes or elements via the constructor

new XElement("Conn", new XAttribute("Server", comboBox1.Text), new XAttribute("Database", combobox2.Text));

or you can use the Add-Method of the XElement to add attributes

XElement element = new XElement("Conn");
XAttribute attribute = new XAttribute("Server", comboBox1.Text);