[c#] how to query LIST using linq

Suppose if I add person class instance to list and then I need to query the list using linq.

List lst=new List();
lst.add(new person{ID=1,Name="jhon",salary=2500});
lst.add(new person{ID=2,Name="Sena",salary=1500});
lst.add(new person{ID=3,Name="Max",salary=5500});
lst.add(new person{ID=4,Name="Gen",salary=3500});

Now I want to query the above list with linq. Please guide me with sample code.

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The answer is

Well, the code you've given is invalid to start with - List is a generic type, and it has an Add method instead of add etc.

But you could do something like:

List<Person> list = new List<Person>
    new person{ID=1,Name="jhon",salary=2500},
    new person{ID=2,Name="Sena",salary=1500},
    new person{ID=3,Name="Max",salary=5500}.
    new person{ID=4,Name="Gen",salary=3500}

// The "Where" LINQ operator filters a sequence
var highEarners = list.Where(p => p.salary > 3000);

foreach (var person in highEarners)

If you want to learn details of what all the LINQ operators do, and how they can be implemented in LINQ to Objects, you might be interested in my Edulinq blog series.

Since you haven't given any indication to what you want, here is a link to 101 LINQ samples that use all the different LINQ methods: 101 LINQ Samples

Also, you should really really really change your List into a strongly typed list (List<T>), properly define T, and add instances of T to your list. It will really make the queries much easier since you won't have to cast everything all the time.

var persons = new List<Person>
        new Person {ID = 1, Name = "jhon", Salary = 2500},
        new Person {ID = 2, Name = "Sena", Salary = 1500},
        new Person {ID = 3, Name = "Max", Salary = 5500},
        new Person {ID = 4, Name = "Gen", Salary = 3500}

var acertainperson = persons.Where(p => p.Name == "jhon").First();
Console.WriteLine("{0}: {1} points",
    acertainperson.Name, acertainperson.Salary);

jhon: 2500 points

var doingprettywell = persons.Where(p => p.Salary > 2000);
            foreach (var person in doingprettywell)
                Console.WriteLine("{0}: {1} points",
                    person.Name, person.Salary);

jhon: 2500 points
Max: 5500 points
Gen: 3500 points

        var astupidcalc = from p in persons
                          where p.ID > 2
                          select new
                                         Name = p.Name,
                                         Bobos = p.Salary*p.ID,
                                         Bobotype = "bobos"
        foreach (var person in astupidcalc)
            Console.WriteLine("{0}: {1} {2}",
                person.Name, person.Bobos, person.Bobotype);

Max: 16500 bobos
Gen: 14000 bobos