Generate insert script for selected records?


I have a table with the following data:

Pk_Id  ProductName           Fk_CompanyId       Price
1      AMX                   1                  10.00
2      ABC                   1                  11.00
3      APEX                  1                  12.00
4      AMX                   1                  10.00
5      ABC                   1                  11.00
6      APEX                  1                  12.00
7      AMX                   2                  10.00
8      ABC                   2                  11.00
9      APEX                  2                  12.00

I want to generate Insert script for migrating records whose Fk_CompanyId is 1.

There is an insert script option to generate script for all records but I want to filter some records to migrate to another database.

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~ Asked on 2012-07-19 12:16:43

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If you are using the SQL Management Studio, you can right click your DB name and select Tasks > Import/Export data and follow the wizard.
one of the steps is called "Specify Table Copy or Query" where there is an option to write a query to specify the data to transfer, so you can simply specify the following query:

select * from [Table] where Fk_CompanyId = 1

~ Answered on 2012-07-19 12:20:44


If possible use Visual Studio. The Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) bring a built in functionality for this since the March 2014 release:

  1. Open Visual Studio
  2. Open "View" ? "SQL Server Object Explorer"
  3. Add a connection to your Server
  4. Expand the relevant database
  5. Expand the "Tables" folder
  6. Right click on relevant table
  7. Select "View Data" from context menu
  8. In the new window, viewing the data use the "Sort and filter dataset" functionality in the tool bar to apply your filter. Note that this functionality is limited and you can't write explicit SQL queries.
  9. After you have applied your filter and see only the data you want, click on "Script" or "Script to file" in the tool bar
  10. Voilà - Here you have your insert script for your filtered data

Note: Be careful, the "View Data" window is just like SSMS "Edit Top 200 Rows"- you can edit data right away

(Tested with Visual Studio 2015 with Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) Version 14.0.60812.0 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012)

~ Answered on 2018-07-05 08:35:56

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