[javascript] keyCode values for numeric keypad?

Do the numbers on a numeric keypad have a different keycode than the numbers at the top of a keyboard?

Here is some JavaScript that is supposed to run on the keyup event, but only if the keycode is between 48 and 57. Here is the code:

$('#rollNum').keyup(function(e) {
    if(e.keyCode >= 48 && e.keyCode <= 57) { //0-9 only
        var max = 15;
        var textLen = $(this).val().length;
        var textLeft = max - textLen;
        . . . 

My problem is that this code only runs in response to the numbers entered at the top of the keyboard, but does not run in response to numbers entered from the numeric keypad.

I'm thinking the answer must be that the numeric keypad has different keyCode values, but how do I find out what those are?

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The answer is

Little bit cleared @A.Morel's answer. You might beware of keyboard language layout. Some keyboard layouts changed default numeric keys to symbols.

let key = parseInt(e.key)
if (isNaN(key)) {
  console.log("is not numeric")
else {
  console.log("is numeric")

You can simply run

$(document).keyup(function(e) {

to see the codes of pressed keys in the browser console.

Or you can find key codes here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/KeyboardEvent/keyCode#Numpad_keys

keyCode is different for numbers on numeric keypad and numbers on top of keyboard.

keyCodes :

numbers on top of keyboard ( 0 - 9 ) : 48 - 57
numbers on numeric keypad ( 0 - 9 ) : 96 - 105

JavaScript condition :

if((e.keyCode >= 48 && e.keyCode <=57) || (e.keyCode >= 96 && e.keyCode <=105)) { 
    // entered key is a number

Reference for all keycodes ( with demo ) : http://www.codeforeach.com/javascript/keycode-for-each-key-and-usage-with-demo

You can use this to figure out keyCodes easily:

$(document).keyup(function(e) {
    // Displays the keycode of the last pressed key in the body


Docs says the order of events related to the onkeyxxx event:

  1. onkeydown
  2. onkeypress
  3. onkeyup

If you use like below code, it fits with also backspace and enter user interactions. After you can do what you want in onKeyPress or onKeyUp events. Code block trigger event.preventDefault function if the value is not number,backspace or enter.

onInputKeyDown = event => {
    const { keyCode } = event;
    if (
      (keyCode >= 48 && keyCode <= 57) ||
      (keyCode >= 96 && keyCode <= 105) ||
      keyCode === 8 || //Backspace key
      keyCode === 13   //Enter key
    ) {
    } else {

The answer by @.A. Morel I find to be the best easy to understand solution with a small footprint. Just wanted to add on top if you want a smaller code amount this solution which is a modification of Morel works well for not allowing letters of any sort including inputs notorious 'e' character.

function InputTypeNumberDissallowAllCharactersExceptNumeric() {
  let key = Number(inputEvent.key);
  return !isNaN(key);

For the people that want a CTRL+C, CTRL-V solution, here you go:

     * Retrieves the number that was pressed on the keyboard.
     * @param {Event} event The keypress event containing the keyCode.
     * @returns {number|null} a number between 0-9 that was pressed. Returns null if there was no numeric key pressed.
    function getNumberFromKeyEvent(event) {
        if (event.keyCode >= 96 && event.keyCode <= 105) {
            return event.keyCode - 96;
        } else if (event.keyCode >= 48 && event.keyCode <= 57) {
            return event.keyCode - 48;
        return null;

It uses the logic of the first answer.

You can use the key code page in order to find the:


to diference the number keyboard.


function getNumberFromKeyEvent(event) {
   if (event.code.indexOf('Numpad') === 0) {
      var number = parseInt(event.code.replace('Numpad', ''), 10);
      if (number >= 0 && number <= 9) {
           // numbers from numeric keyboard

Yes, they are different and while many people have made a great suggestion of using console.log to see for yourself. However, I didn't see anyone mention event.location that you can use that to determine if the number is coming from the keypad event.location === 3 vs the top of the main keyboard / general keys event.location === 0. This approach would be best suited for when you need to generally determine if keystrokes are coming from a region of the keyboard or not, event.key is likely better for the specific keys.

To add to some of the other answers, note that:

  • keyup and keydown differ from keypress
  • if you want to use String.fromCharCode() to get the actual digit from keyup, you'll need to first normalize the keyCode.

Below is a self-documenting example that determines if the key is numeric, along with which number it is (example uses the range function from lodash).

const isKeypad = range(96, 106).includes(keyCode);
const normalizedKeyCode = isKeypad ? keyCode - 48 : keyCode;
const isDigit = range(48, 58).includes(normalizedKeyCode);
const digit = String.fromCharCode(normalizedKeyCode);

******************* Don't use KEYCODE !!!! ******************

The problem with keyCode is to avoid the combined keys with the numbers on top of keyboard, we must add a check on the key "Shift" and "Alt" to avoid special characters such as e @ & " { } ...

A simplest solution is to convert e.key to a number and check if the conversion gives NaN!

let key = Number(e.key)
if (isNaN(key) || e.key === null || e.key === ' ') {
  console.log("is not numeric")
else {
  console.log("is numeric")

Be careful if e.key is null or a space, it gives 0 !

Number(5)         // => 5
Number('5')       // => 5
Number(null)      // => 0 
Number(' ')       // => 0
Number('chars')   // => NaN
Number(undefined) // => NaN

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