[python] How to update values using pymongo?

I've a mongodb collection in this form:

{id=ObjectId(....),key={dictionary of values}}
where dictionary of values is {'a':'1','b':'2'.....}

Let dictionary of values be 'd'. I need to update the values of the key in the 'd'. i.e I want to change 'a':'1' to 'a':'2' How can do I this in pymongo?

Code goes something like this:

productData is a collection in mongoDB
for p in productData.find():
     for k,v in p.iteritems():

Now reflect the new value in the productData.

This is what I've tried and it introduces a new key-value pair instead of updating the

for p in productData.find():
    for k,v in p.iteritems():

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The answer is

Something I did recently, hope it helps. I have a list of dictionaries and wanted to add a value to some existing documents.

for item in my_list:
    my_collection.update({"_id" : item[key] }, {"$set" : {"New_col_name" :item[value]}})

With my pymongo version: 3.2.2 I had do the following

from bson.objectid import ObjectId
import pymongo

client = pymongo.MongoClient("localhost", 27017)
db = client.mydbname

  '_id': ObjectId(p['_id']['$oid'])
  '$set': {
    'd.a': existing + 1
}, upsert=False)

in python the operators should be in quotes: db.ProductData.update({'fromAddress':'http://localhost:7000/'}, {"$set": {'fromAddress': 'http://localhost:5000/'}},{"multi": True})

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