[c++] DLL Load Library - Error Code 126

I'm using the 'LoadLibrary' from the Windows API, when I run the application, it throws me an error code 126. I read that it may be caused by dependencies, I checked what's wrong with some applications like Dependency Walker, but everything was fine.

LoadLibrary in the application:

            HMODULE dll_mod = LoadLibrary(L"path_to_dll");
                std::stringstream error;
                error << "Could not load plugin located at:\n" << file_full.toStdString() << "\n" << "Error Code: " << GetLastError();
                return error.str();

Plugin code:

#include "stdafx.h"
#define DLL_EXPORT
#define PLUGIN_STREAM __declspec(dllexport)
#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
using std::vector;
using std::string;
// Init event (After the loading)
extern "C"{
PLUGIN_STREAM int onInit(char* argv){
return 0;
PLUGIN_STREAM void pluginInfo(vector<string> & info){
    info.push_back("description='This plugin was designed for that people that wants to listen to radio music.\nYou can register your radio and play it later, also we have a gallery of radios that you can check.\nThis plugin is original of Volt and it's originally implemented in the application.'");
    info.push_back("error:1=Could not open data file");
    info.push_back("error:2=Could not prepare plugin");
    info.push_back("alert:40=Could not connect to that radio");

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The answer is

This error can happen because some MFC library (eg. mfc120.dll) from which the DLL is dependent is missing in windows/system32 folder.

This can also happen when you're trying to load a DLL and that in turn needs another DLL which cannot be not found.

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DLL Load Library - Error Code 126