[ubuntu] postgres, ubuntu how to restart service on startup? get stuck on clustering after instance reboot

I have a Postgres db 9.1 running on AWS EC2, with ubuntu 12.04.

I messed a lot with the instance (i.e installed all kinds of postgres X.X before i settled on 9.1).

Now after a month working on that db, I discovered that if I restart my instance postgres doesn't load correctly, its status says "Running clusters". this will last forever until I

sudo service postgresql restart

from terminal, and then it works again.

How do I add this line, to ubuntu startup so that each time it loads, it will restart this service, and hopefully solve my problem?

Also any other solution which might solve this.

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The answer is

I guess it would be best to fix the database startup script itself. But as a work around, you can add that line to /etc/rc.local, which is executed about last in init phase.

ENABLE is what you are looking for

USAGE: type this command once and then you are good to go. Your service will start automaticaly at boot up

 sudo systemctl enable postgresql

DISABLE exists as well ofc

Some DOC: freedesktop man systemctl

On Ubuntu 18.04:

sudo systemctl restart postgresql.service

The below command worked for me

sudo service postgresql restart

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