passing JSON data to a Spring MVC controller

The Solution to passing JSON data to a Spring MVC controller is

Add the following dependencies



Modify request as follows

    contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
    data: jsonString, //Stringified Json Object
    async: false,    //Cross-domain requests and dataType: "jsonp" requests do not support synchronous operation
    cache: false,    //This will force requested pages not to be cached by the browser          
    processData:false, //To avoid making query String instead of JSON
    success: function(resposeJsonObject){
        // Success Message Handler

Controller side

@RequestMapping(value = urlPattern , method = RequestMethod.POST)
public @ResponseBody Person save(@RequestBody Person jsonString) {

   Person person=personService.savedata(jsonString);
   return person;

@RequestBody - Covert Json object to java
@ResponseBody- convert Java object to json

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