[php] Simpler way to check if variable is not equal to multiple string values?

Current Codes:


  // See the AND operator; How do I simplify/shorten this line?
  if( $some_variable !== 'uk' && $some_variable !== 'in' ) {

    // Do something





  // See the OR operator; How do I simplify/shorten this line?
  if( $some_variable !== 'uk' || $some_variable !== 'in' ) {

    // Do something else



Is there a simpler (i.e. shorter) way to write the two conditions?

NOTE: Yes, they are different, and I am expecting different ways to shorten the codes.

This question is related to php if-statement conditional-statements

The answer is

For your first code, you can use a short alteration of the answer given by @ShankarDamodaran using in_array():

if ( !in_array($some_variable, array('uk','in'), true ) ) {

or even shorter with [] notation available since php 5.4 as pointed out by @Forty in the comments

if ( !in_array($some_variable, ['uk','in'], true ) ) {

is the same as:

if ( $some_variable !== 'uk' && $some_variable !== 'in' ) {

... but shorter. Especially if you compare more than just 'uk' and 'in'. I do not use an additional variable (Shankar used $os) but instead define the array in the if statement. Some might find that dirty, i find it quick and neat :D

The problem with your second code is that it can easily be exchanged with just TRUE since:

if (true) {


if ( $some_variable !== 'uk' || $some_variable !== 'in' ) {

You are asking if the value of a string is not A or Not B. If it is A, it is definitely not also B and if it is B it is definitely not A. And if it is C or literally anything else, it is also not A and not B. So that statement always (not taking into account schrödingers law here) returns true.

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