[matlab] Automatically plot different colored lines

I'm trying to plot several kernel density estimations on the same graph, and I want them to all be different colors. I have a kludged solution using a string 'rgbcmyk' and stepping through it for each separate plot, but I start having duplicates after 7 iterations. Is there an easier/more efficient way to do this, and with more color options?

for n=1:10
 source(n).data=normrnd(rand()*100,abs(rand()*50),100,1); %generate random data
cstring='rgbcmyk'; % color string
hold on
for n=1:length(source)
 [f,x]=ksdensity(source(n).data); % calculate the distribution
 plot(x,f,cstring(mod(n,7)+1))  % plot with a different color each time

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The answer is

You could use a colormap such as HSV to generate a set of colors. For example:

hold on;
for i=1:12
    plot([0 1],[0 i],'color',cc(i,:));

MATLAB has 13 different named colormaps ('doc colormap' lists them all).

Another option for plotting lines in different colors is to use the LineStyleOrder property; see Defining the Color of Lines for Plotting in the MATLAB documentation for more information.

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