[c#] File.Move Does Not Work - File Already Exists

I've got a folder:


I'm trying this code:

File.Move(@"c:\test\SomeFile.txt", @"c:\test\Test");

I get exception:

File already exists

The output directory definitely exists and the input file is there.

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The answer is

What you need is:

if (!File.Exists(@"c:\test\Test\SomeFile.txt")) {
    File.Move(@"c:\test\SomeFile.txt", @"c:\test\Test\SomeFile.txt");


if (File.Exists(@"c:\test\Test\SomeFile.txt")) {
File.Move(@"c:\test\SomeFile.txt", @"c:\test\Test\SomeFile.txt");

This will either:

  • If the file doesn't exist at the destination location, successfully move the file, or;
  • If the file does exist at the destination location, delete it, then move the file.

Edit: I should clarify my answer, even though it's the most upvoted! The second parameter of File.Move should be the destination file - not a folder. You are specifying the second parameter as the destination folder, not the destination filename - which is what File.Move requires. So, your second parameter should be c:\test\Test\SomeFile.txt.

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