[sql-server] SQL Server: converting UniqueIdentifier to string in a case statement

We have a log table that has a message column that sometimes has an exception stack trace. I have some criteria that determines if the message has this. We do not want to show these messages to the customer but instead have a message like:

Internal Error Occured. Contact US with reference code xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

where xxx etc is a guid column in the table. I am writing stored proc like this:

declare @exceptionCriteria nvarchar(50)
select @exceptionCriteria = '%<enter criteria etc>%'

select LogDate,
       when Message like @exceptionCriteria
       then 'Internal Error Occured. Reference Code: ' + str(RequestID)
       else Message
  from UpdateQueue

RequestID is a Guid datatype in SQL Server and does not convert to string here. I've seen some code on how to convert a Guid to string, but it is multi-lined and I don't think it would work in a case statement. Any ideas?

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The answer is

I think I found the answer:

convert(nvarchar(50), RequestID)

Here's the link where I found this info:


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