[python] How to write to a file, using the logging Python module?

How can I use the logging module in Python to write to a file? Every time I try to use it, it just prints out the message.

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The answer is

An example of using logging.basicConfig rather than logging.fileHandler()

                            format='%(asctime)s,%(msecs)d %(name)s %(levelname)s %(message)s',

logging.info("Running Urban Planning")

self.logger = logging.getLogger('urbanGUI')

In order, the five parts do the following:

  1. set the output file (filename=logname)
  2. set it to append rather than overwrite (filemode='a')
  3. determine the format of the output message (format=...)
  4. determine the format of the output time (datefmt='%H:%M:%S')
  5. and determine the minimum message level it will accept (level=logging.DEBUG).

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