[laravel] Where are logs located?

I'm debugging a JSON endpoint and need to view internal server errors. However, my app/storage/logs dir is empty and it seems there are no other directories dedicated to logs in the project. I've tried googling the subject to no avail.

How can I enable logging, if it's not already enabled and view the logs?

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The answer is

  • Ensure debug mode is on - either add APP_DEBUG=true to .env file or set an environment variable

  • Log files are in storage/logs folder. laravel.log is the default filename. If there is a permission issue with the log folder, Laravel just halts. So if your endpoint generally works - permissions are not an issue.

  • In case your calls don't even reach Laravel or aren't caused by code issues - check web server's log files (check your Apache/nginx config files to see the paths).

  • If you use PHP-FPM, check its log files as well (you can see the path to log file in PHP-FPM pool config).

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