[python] How to get everything after last slash in a URL?

How can I extract whatever follows the last slash in a URL in Python? For example, these URLs should return the following:

URL: http://www.test.com/TEST1
returns: TEST1

URL: http://www.test.com/page/TEST2
returns: TEST2

URL: http://www.test.com/page/page/12345
returns: 12345

I've tried urlparse, but that gives me the full path filename, such as page/page/12345.

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The answer is

You don't need fancy things, just see the string methods in the standard library and you can easily split your url between 'filename' part and the rest:

url.rsplit('/', 1)

So you can get the part you're interested in simply with:

url.rsplit('/', 1)[-1]

One more (idio(ma)tic) way:


rsplit should be up to the task:

In [1]: 'http://www.test.com/page/TEST2'.rsplit('/', 1)[1]
Out[1]: 'TEST2'

You can do like this:

head, tail = os.path.split(url)

Where tail will be your file name.

urlparse is fine to use if you want to (say, to get rid of any query string parameters).

import urllib.parse

urls = [

for i in urls:
    url_parts = urllib.parse.urlparse(i)
    path_parts = url_parts[2].rpartition('/')
    print('URL: {}\nreturns: {}\n'.format(i, path_parts[2]))


URL: http://www.test.com/TEST1
returns: TEST1

URL: http://www.test.com/page/TEST2
returns: TEST2

URL: http://www.test.com/page/page/12345
returns: 12345

URL: http://www.test.com/page/page/12345?abc=123
returns: 12345

>>> folderD

Here's a more general, regex way of doing this:

    re.sub(r'^.+/([^/]+)$', r'\1', url)

Use urlparse to get just the path and then split the path you get from it on / characters:

from urllib.parse import urlparse

my_url = "http://example.com/some/path/last?somequery=param"
last_path_fragment = urlparse(my_url).path.split('/')[-1]  # returns 'last'

Note: if your url ends with a / character, the above will return '' (i.e. the empty string). If you want to handle that case differently, you need to strip the trailing / character before you split the path:

my_url = "http://example.com/last/"
# handle URL ending in `/` by removing it.
last_path_fragment = urlparse(my_url).path.rstrip('/').split('/')[-1]  # returns 'last'

First extract the path element from the URL:

from urllib.parse import urlparse
parsed= urlparse('https://www.dummy.example/this/is/PATH?q=/a/b&r=5#asx')

and then you can extract the last segment with string functions:


(example resulting to 'PATH')

Split the url and pop the last element url.split('/').pop()

extracted_url = url[url.rfind("/")+1:];

url ='http://www.test.com/page/TEST2'.split('/')[4]
print url

Output: TEST2.

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