[java] Got a NumberFormatException while trying to parse a text file for objects

While trying to create objects and add them to an ArrayList using data from a text file, the program threw a NumberFormatException and I have absolutely no clue why, everything seemed OK to me. Here's the method in which the exception occurred:

static void read(String file) {     anime.clear();      try {         Scanner fin = new Scanner(file);          while (fin.hasNextLine()) {             String[] vals = fin.nextLine().split("[ ]");             anime.add(new Anime(Integer.parseInt(vals[0]),                                  vals[1],                                  Integer.parseInt(vals[2]),                                  Integer.parseInt(vals[3])));         }         fin.close();      } catch(Exception e) {         System.out.println("ERROR: Something went wrong!");         e.printStackTrace();         System.exit(-1);     }        } 

and here's the text file:

0 Angel_Beats! 13 2010 0 Baccano! 13 2007 0 Bakemonogatari 15 2009 0 Berserk 25 1997 0 Clannad 23 2007 

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The answer is

The problem might be your split() call. Try just split(" ") without the square brackets.

NumberFormatException invoke when you ll try to convert inavlid String for eg:"abc" value to integer..

this is valid string is eg"123". in your case split by space..

split(" "); will split line by " " by space..

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