[ajax] Can you call ko.applyBindings to bind a partial view?

I'm using KnockoutJS and have a main view and view model. I want a dialog (the jQuery UI one) to popup with another view which a separate child view model to be bound to.

The HTML for the dialog content is retrieved using AJAX so I want to be able to call ko.applyBindings once the request has completed, and I want to bind the child view model to just the portion of the HTML loaded via ajax inside the dialog div.

Is this actually possible or do I need to load ALL my views and view models when the page initially loads and then call ko.applyBindings once?

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The answer is

You should look at the with binding, as well as controlsDescendantBindings http://knockoutjs.com/documentation/custom-bindings-controlling-descendant-bindings.html

I've managed to bind a custom model to an element at runtime. The code is here: http://jsfiddle.net/ZiglioNZ/tzD4T/457/

The interesting bit is that I apply the data-bind attribute to an element I didn't define:

    var handle = slider.slider().find(".ui-slider-handle").first();
    $(handle).attr("data-bind", "tooltip: viewModel.value");
    ko.applyBindings(viewModel.value, $(handle)[0]);

While Niemeyer's answer is a more correct answer to the question, you could also do the following:

  <input data-bind="value: VMA.name" />

  <input data-bind="value: VMB.name" />

<script type="text/javascript">
  var viewModels = {
     VMA: {name: ko.observable("Bob")},
     VMB: {name: ko.observable("Ted")}


This means you don't have to specify the DOM element, and you can even bind multiple models to the same element, like this:

  <input data-bind="value: VMA.name() + ' and ' + VMB.name()" />

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