[python] List method to delete last element in list as well as all elements

I have an issue with clearing lists. In the current program, I have a method that clears a certain number of lists. This is rather inconvenient since during one part of the program where this method is used, it would be a lot more helpful if it only deleted the last element from the lists. Is there any way in which I can set index numbers as parameters to my method to solve this problem?

The code for the method

def clearLists(self):
    del self.Ans[:]
    del self.masses[:]

Whenever I want to use this method, I merely write self.ClearLists() and it deletes every element in a list.

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The answer is

you can use lst.pop() or del lst[-1]

pop() removes and returns the item, in case you don't want have a return use del

To delete the last element from the list just do this.

a = [1,2,3,4,5]
a = a[:-1]
#Output [1,2,3,4] 

To delete the last element of the lists, you could use:

def deleteLast(self):
    if self.Ans:
        del self.Ans[-1]
    if self.masses:
        del self.masses[-1]

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