Assign a synthesizable initial value to a reg in Verilog


I'm an FPGA noob trying to learn Verilog. How can I "assign" a value to a reg in an always block, either as an initial value, or as a constant. I'm trying to do something like this in the code below. I get an error because the 8 bit constant doesn't count as input. I also don't want to trigger the always off of a clock. I just want to assign a register to a specific value. As I want it to be synthesisable I can't use an initial block. Thanks a lot.

module top
    input wire clk,
    output wire [7:0] led   

reg [7:0] data_reg ; 
always @*
    data_reg = 8'b10101011;

assign led = data_reg;


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~ Asked on 2012-04-04 05:30:22

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You can combine the register declaration with initialization.

reg [7:0] data_reg = 8'b10101011;

Or you can use an initial block

reg [7:0] data_reg;
initial data_reg = 8'b10101011;

~ Answered on 2012-04-04 17:48:56


The other answers are all good. For Xilinx FPGA designs, it is best not to use global reset lines, and use initial blocks for reset conditions for most logic. Here is the white paper from Ken Chapman (Xilinx FPGA guru)

~ Answered on 2014-03-18 17:32:53

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