How to Remove Line Break in String

The Solution to How to Remove Line Break in String is

str = Replace(str, vbLf, "")

This code takes all the line break's out of the code

if you just want the last one out:

If Right(str, 1) = vbLf Then str = Left(str, Len(str) - 1)

is the way how you tryed OK.


line feed = ASCII 10, form feed = ASCII 12 and carriage return = ASCII 13. Here we see clearly what we all know: the PC comes from the (electric) typewriter

vbLf is Chr (10) and means that the cursor jumps one line lower (typewriter: turn the roller) vbCr is Chr (13) means the cursor jumps to the beginning (typewriter: pull back the roll)

In DOS, a line break is always VBCrLf or Chr (13) & Chr (10), in files anyway, but e.g. also with the text boxes in VB.

In an Excel cell, on the other hand, a line break is only VBLf, the second line then starts at the first position even without vbCr. With vbCrLf then go one cell deeper.

So it depends on where you read and get your String from. if you want to remove all the vbLf (Char(10)) and vbCr (Char(13)) in your tring, you can do it like that:

strText = Replace(Replace(strText, Chr(10), ""), Chr(13), "")

If you only want t remove the Last one, you can test on do it like this:

If Right(str, 1) = vbLf or Right(str, 1) = vbCr Then str = Left(str, Len(str) - 1)

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