creating array without declaring the size - java


i've digging around about the same issue but i couldn't find the same as i had

i want to create an array without declaring the size because i don't know how it will be !

to clear the issue i'd like to give you the code that i'm looking up for

public class t
 private int x[];
 private int counter=0;
 public void add(int num)
   this.x[this.counter] = num;

as you see the user could use the add function to add element to the array 10000 times or only once so it's unknown size

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~ Asked on 2012-08-16 15:23:23

The Best Answer is


Using Java.util.ArrayList or LinkedList is the usual way of doing this. With arrays that's not possible as I know.


List<Float> unindexedVectors = new ArrayList<Float>();



~ Answered on 2012-08-16 15:25:18


You might be looking for a List? Either LinkedList or ArrayList are good classes to take a look at. You can then call toArray() to get the list as an array.

~ Answered on 2012-08-16 15:25:25

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