Difference between Method and Function?


I am a beginner in c# and have a keen interest to learn c#, but I am confused. When I asked some one what the difference is between Function and method, he said to me that there is no difference, that they both have the same functionality.
Now I am quite confused and want to know from good developers what methods and functions are?

Are they both the same? If not, then how do I initialize each one??

Is this way to initialize a function correct?

public void UpdateLeaveStatus(EmployeeLeave objUpdateLeaveStatus)

Please provide proper help as I am new.

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~ Asked on 2012-09-04 07:49:28

The Best Answer is


Both are same, there is no difference its just a different term for the same thing in C#.


In object-oriented programming, a method is a subroutine (or procedure or function) associated with a class.

With respect to Object Oriented programming the term "Method" is used, not functions.

~ Answered on 2012-09-04 07:50:22


When a function is a part of a class, it's called a method.

C# is an OOP language and doesn't have functions that are declared outside of classes, that's why all functions in C# are actually methods.

Though, beside this formal difference, they are the same...

~ Answered on 2012-09-04 07:57:10

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