[javascript] How to create streams from string in Node.Js?

I am using a library, ya-csv, that expects either a file or a stream as input, but I have a string.

How do I convert that string into a stream in Node?

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The answer is

As @substack corrected me in #node, the new streams API in Node v10 makes this easier:

const Readable = require('stream').Readable;
const s = new Readable();
s._read = () => {}; // redundant? see update below
s.push('your text here');

… after which you can freely pipe it or otherwise pass it to your intended consumer.

It's not as clean as the resumer one-liner, but it does avoid the extra dependency.

(Update: in v0.10.26 through v9.2.1 so far, a call to push directly from the REPL prompt will crash with a not implemented exception if you didn't set _read. It won't crash inside a function or a script. If inconsistency makes you nervous, include the noop.)

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