[javascript] How to get streaming url from online streaming radio station

I've been asked to make unofficial online streaming android application for a certain radio station.
I've experience with streaming in android for certain mp3 or whatever stream.
But I don't know the stream url to provide in mediaPlayer.setDataSource(url).

Is there any way to get the stream url from the ofiicial streaming page for ex. this radio stream?

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The answer is

not that hard,

if you take a look at the page source, you'll see that it uses to stream the audio via shoutcast.

this is the stream url

"StreamUrl": "http://stream.radiotime.com/listen.stream?streamIds=3244651&rti=c051HQVbfRc4FEMbKg5RRVMzRU9KUBw%2fVBZHS0dPF1VIExNzJz0CGQtRcX8OS0o0CUkYRFJDDW8LEVRxGAEOEAcQXko%2bGgwSBBZrV1pQZgQZZxkWCA4L%7e%7e%7e",

which returns a JSON like that:

    "Streams": [
            "StreamId": 3244651,
            "Reliability": 92,
            "Bandwidth": 64,
            "HasPlaylist": false,
            "MediaType": "MP3",
            "Url": "http://mp3hdfm32.hala.jo:8132",
            "Type": "Live"

i believe that's the url you need: http://mp3hdfm32.hala.jo:8132

this is the station WebSite

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