[vb.net] Convert string to datetime in vb.net

I have a datetime that looks like this:


When I try this:

Dim convertedDate As Date = Date.Parse(DateString)
Return convertedDate

I get back this:


I'm losing the time on it.

I've read this convert string to datetime vb.net but when I use datetime.ParseExact() I get:

cannot resolve symbol 'ParseExact'

Is there a way to convert this to a date time without using substring? A straight conversion?

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The answer is

You can try with ParseExact method


Dim format As String  
format = "d" 
Dim provider As CultureInfo = CultureInfo.InvariantCulture
result = Date.ParseExact(DateString, format, provider)

As an alternative, if you put a space between the date and time, DateTime.Parse will recognize the format for you. That's about as simple as you can get it. (If ParseExact was still not being recognized)

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