[javascript] creating json object with variables

I am trying to create a json object from variables that I am getting in a form.

var firstName = $('#firstName').val();
var lastName  = $('#lastName').val();
var phone     = $('#phoneNumber').val();
var address   = $('#address').val();

So far I have the code below but it will not validate or work. Im new to this, please help! Changing var to this:

var jsonObject = 
                 firstName: firstName, 
                 lastName: lastName,

in JSONlint i am getting this error:

Parse error on line 1: varjsonObject={
^ Expecting '{', '['

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The answer is

if you need double quoted JSON use JSON.stringify( object)

var $items = $('#firstName, #lastName,#phoneNumber,#address ')
var obj = {}
$items.each(function() {
    obj[this.id] = $(this).val();

var json= JSON.stringify( obj);

DEMO: http://jsfiddle.net/vANKa/1

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