[java] add controls vertically instead of horizontally using flow layout

I am adding checkboxes on JPanel in FlowLayout the checkboxes are being added horizontally.

I want to add checkboxes vertically on the Panel. What is the possible solution?

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The answer is

I hope what you are trying to achieve is like this. For this please use Box layout.

package com.kcing.kailas.sample.client;

import javax.swing.BoxLayout;
import javax.swing.JCheckBox;
import javax.swing.JFrame;
import javax.swing.JPanel;
import javax.swing.SwingUtilities;
import javax.swing.UIManager;
import javax.swing.WindowConstants;

public class Testing extends JFrame {

    private JPanel jContentPane = null;

    public Testing() {

    private void initialize() {
        this.setSize(300, 200);

    private JPanel getJContentPane() {
        if (jContentPane == null) {
            jContentPane = new JPanel();

            JPanel panel = new JPanel();

            panel.setBounds(61, 11, 81, 140);
            panel.setLayout(new BoxLayout(panel, BoxLayout.Y_AXIS));

            JCheckBox c1 = new JCheckBox("Check1");
            c1 = new JCheckBox("Check2");
            c1 = new JCheckBox("Check3");
            c1 = new JCheckBox("Check4");
        return jContentPane;

    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
        Testing frame = new Testing();

As I stated in comment i would use a box layout for this.

JPanel panel = new JPanel();
panel.setLayout(new BoxLayout());

JButton button = new JButton("Button1");

button = new JButton("Button2");

button = new JButton("Button3");


JPanel testPanel = new JPanel();
testPanel.setLayout(new BoxLayout(testPanel, BoxLayout.Y_AXIS));
/*add variables here and add them to testPanel
        e,g`enter code here`

I used a BoxLayout and set its second parameter as BoxLayout.Y_AXIS and it worked for me:

panel.setLayout(new BoxLayout(panel, BoxLayout.Y_AXIS));

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