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I currently use a .bat file that is utilized to invoke a java file. If I wanted to utilize the same functionality on Mac OS what format changes would I make? (unless the .bat equivalent on Mac OS is the .sh format?)

java -cp  ".;.\supportlibraries\Framework_Core.jar;.\supportlibraries\Framework_DataTable.jar;.\supportlibraries\Framework_Reporting.jar;.\supportlibraries\Framework_Utilities.jar;.\supportlibraries\poi-3.8-20120326.jar;D:\downloads\Selenium 2.0\selenium-server-standalone-2.19.0.jar" allocator.testTrack

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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~ Asked on 2012-12-28 05:37:41

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May be you can find answer here? Equivalent of double-clickable .sh and .bat on Mac?

Usually you can create bash script for Mac OS, where you put similar commands as in batch file. For your case create bash file and put same command, but change back-slashes with regular ones.

Your file will look something like:

#! /bin/bash
java -cp  ".;./supportlibraries/Framework_Core.jar;./supportlibraries/Framework_DataTable.jar;./supportlibraries/Framework_Reporting.jar;./supportlibraries/Framework_Utilities.jar;./supportlibraries/poi-3.8-20120326.jar;PATH_TO_YOUR_SELENIUM_SERVER_FOLDER/selenium-server-standalone-2.19.0.jar" allocator.testTrack

Change folders in path above to relevant one.

Then make this script executable: open terminal and navigate to folder with your script. Then change read-write-execute rights for this file running command:

chmod 755 scriptname.sh

Then you can run it like any other regular script: ./scriptname.sh

or you can run it passing file to bash:

bash scriptname.sh

~ Answered on 2012-12-28 05:46:16


The common convention would be to put it in a .sh file that looks like this -

java -cp  ".;./supportlibraries/Framework_Core.jar;... etc

Note that '\' become '/'.

You could execute as

sh myfile.sh

or set the x bit on the file

chmod +x myfile.sh

and then just call


~ Answered on 2012-12-28 05:49:14

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